Friday, April 16, 2021

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Lived Experiences and Future Ideas for Black Equity and Inclusion in Massachusetts Real Estate Practice (Video)

The guest speakers are Chrystal Kornegay, Executive Director of MassHousing, Joseph D. Feaster Jr., a Co-chair of My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Boston Advisory Council, Taisha N. Sturdivant, a real estate associate at Sullivan & Worcester, and Gavin Alexander, a fellow on the SJC Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being. The program chair and moderator will be Darly G. David, a Partner at Lawson & Weitzen, LLP.

Recent times have highlighted the critical need to support diversity, equity and inclusion, and the deep work that needs to be done to dismantle the many systems of anti-Black bias and oppression in this country. The particular ways in which these systems intersect with real estate have made the practice of real estate law particularly complicated for Black attorneys and other professionals living in America, and in Massachusetts in particular. Join these talented panelists as they discuss the disparate impact of real estate systems on Black populations both in the past and in the present, share their lived experiences as practitioners in this sector, and suggest concrete steps law firms, companies, bar associations, and other legal institutions are beginning to take to promote more inclusive cultures and make the practice of real estate more sustainable, rewarding, and equitable for members of the Black community.

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