Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Massachusetts Environmental Law From A-Z PDF (Updated August 2023)

REBA Environmental Section Co-chair Greg McGregor is sharing his comprehensive history of Massachusetts Environmental Law

from covering environmental law from "A to Z."  in PDF format, updated as of August 2023.


This presentation is the basis of his CLE presentations to practicing lawyers, corporate counsel, agency officials, and clients. Researchers find it useful as a synopsis of how the various laws work and relate.

Developed over the years, this environmental law slide show has evolved to incorporate land use, real estate, energy law, climate, and related litigation including the evolving doctrines of Article 97 preservation of public lands and regulatory takings under the state and U.S. Constitutions.

A founder and current co-chair of REBA’s Environmental Law Section, Greg McGregor is also the founder of the Boston-based environmental law firm, McGregor & Legere, PC, which handles environmental, land use, and real estate matters, plus related litigation. He is also a founding member of the Environmental Law Network, an alliance of specialty law firms in the United States and abroad, sharing expertise and experience for the benefit of their clients.   Greg can be contacted by email at gimcg@mcgregorlaw.com.