Friday, April 20, 2018

A Remembrance: Marvin W. Kushner 1935-2018

The young lawyer was saddled with his first major title problem.  A colleague calling Marvin Kushner.  Marv took the call, listening to
Marvin W. Kushner 1935-2018
an explosion of verbiage from the harried and anxious new lawyer, who was lost for an approach and a solution.  After gleaning the facts, Marv recognized that the lawyer had to start at the registry of deeds.  He calmly began his response with, “Ok.  I understand the issue.  Now tell me, which way is your car pointed…”    

And that was the essence of Marv’s professionalism, personality and character. He was blessed with calm insight and the ability to absorb the fine points of real estate law and practice.  He was a craftsman in the practice.  But his true professionalism came with his willingness to share his knowledge and to assist other lawyers, both new and accomplished.

His participation in REBA, and its predecessor, the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association, helped define the practice of real estate law in Massachusetts at a time when the conveyancing bar was under assault by non-lawyers and out-of-state entities attempting to redefine the practice of real estate law as a function not requiring lawyers.

Those who knew him admired his knowledge of the law, and his mediation and negotiation skills in dealing with colleagues in a time-honored and gracious manner.  Of course, opposing counsel respected Marv, recognizing his fairness and his ability to resolve complex legal problems. Marv was truly a lawyer of the old school. 

A founder of several law firms bearing his name, most recently Kushner Sanders Ravinal LLP, which thrives today, Marv retired from the practice of law in late 2012.  Following his admission to the bar in 1958, he had a long and prestigious career, concentrating his practice in title and conveyancing matters, real estate and business law.

Marvin served as past president of the Massachusetts Association of Bank Counsel, and later on the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association board of directors, and as the founding chair of the Association’s Residential Conveyancing Committee.

Marv remained true to the practice of law until his retirement in 2012.  His death last March concluded a distinguished career, in which he provided our noble profession with the essence of fine workmanship in representing buyers, sellers and lenders. 

       Dick Keshian
                                                                                                                                                                           Chris Kehoe
                                                                                                                                                                           Peter Wittenborg

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