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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Notwithstanding the rhetoric, we all realize that the Federal Government cannot, by itself, jump start the nation’s economy. It is interesting that our local and state politicians have generally gone into hiding regarding the topic of economic growth. An exception to the norm occurred recently upon the announcement of a business expanding in Merrimack Valley. State and local politician were drawn to the ribbon cutting like moths to a flame, and were seen patting each other on the back; although we know that they had nothing to do with the expansion. 

We know how a capitalist economy works. Business growth and success begets more business growth and success.  But what can we do to help the economy? Perhaps too much human energy is being wasted surfing the web, twittering, facebooking and watching TV. There is a risk that a society glued to TV and computer screens can lose focus on what is really important. [Perhaps, writing and reading blogs only contributes to the problem.] Rather than just criticize the younger generation for wasting time, I am going to offer a suggestion: Those who use social media should use some of their time on-line sharing with others information about good quality products that they have found that are Made in the U.S.A.. We need to encourage one another to purchase American made goods. Here is my first contribution to the effort: Of course we all know about the good-old Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang, but I also found a very nice navy blazer at Brooks Brothers that is manufactured in Massachusetts! It makes me feel better every time I put it on.  Now it’s your turn.


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